Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Do you need a customized Android, Windows or iOS app or a cross-platform responsive web application? The expert professionals of Mobile Application Development Company in New York can meet all your requisites efficiently.

At SerSart, we boast of a team of skilled and proficient mobile app developers that have extensive knowledge and great expertise in building cutting-edge mobile applications. Our developers employ the best practices and a defined logical approach to render business-centric apps that stand to the satisfaction of the customers.

6 Important Points for Developing mobile Application

Before getting started with SerSart, think about how you’re going to execute your plan to bring a mobile application to life. Not only does it help you figure out exactly what you want out of your application, but we can pinpoint the exact areas that we can collaborate on to make this project your best product yet. That’s what happens when you work with a high-quality mobile app development company.



Point blank: what will your application do? What do you hope to achieve with it; will it help you streamline productivity or be a stream of revenue? Who are you targeting for users? These are questions you have to answer before you begin working with any company so you can narrow down your needs and begin to focus on the functionality of your application.


Understand Your Users

This may take some market research, but if you’re targeting a certain age group, find out their habits and what the trends for that age group are, and find ways to implement them into your application. If it’s a fitness tracking app for 20- to 30-year-olds then it needs to be fresh and keep them engaged for longer. If it’s a client portal for customers, it needs to be straight-forward and easy to use.


Identify a Viable Solution

Is there a problem that you’re trying to solve with the application? If so, then more people are going to download it and use it. Find a problem in your industry that needs solved through an mobile application and then give us a call to develop it.


Plan for Multiple Releases

Update, update, update. Working with SerSart means you get a comprehensive suite of mobile app development services, including future projects in updating your app so it keeps up with the changing trends of device applications.


Beta Testing

Launching an app cannot be done without testing it first. With our customer-focused mobile application development team, we implement a robust round of beta testing to work out the kinks and ensure it’s ready to do its job with minimal problems.


Plan to Analyze

Using important application analytics, we can help you identify who’s using your app and what they’re using it for. With a bevy of information in your lap, you can make changes and updates to better serve your customers.


We Love to Listen to Your Requirements

If you have a design project you would like us to quote, please send us a message outlining your ideas. If we are able to take on your project, we will be in touch with details and any additional questions we may have in order to provide an accurate quote for your project.

mobile app development frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! We bring life to your existing app idea by making it more business-centric based on the needs of your target customers and the current market scenario.


Mobile app development services include strategy consultation, documenting concept, project management, UI/UX design, development for iOS and Android platform, web and backend coding, testing, publishing app on stores and maintenance services.


We recommend and prefer to develop custom apps as they are more flexible, offer better performance and experience. But, we also develop hybrid apps on the latest cross-platform frameworks including React Native, Flutter, etc., to cater to the special demands of our clients.

No! We never use templates for mobile app design or development. We hand-code every project from scratch to maintain code quality, scalability, and performance on user devices.


Yes! We render app strategy consulting services that include analyzing your app ideas, to define your mobile app journey for your business


To ensure data security, we use some latest and highly efficient tools such as mobile device management (MDM), encryption, remote wipe, etc. We harness the latest security advancements by Apple and Google too, to protect iOS apps and Android apps respectively.


Yes, we have worked on camera apps, where we handled customization for photos and videos. Image customization includes image processing, applying effects, etc. Video customization includes: Handing PIP ( Picture in Picture), Video optimization (handling frame per second), handling video on multiple formats, etc. Recently, we finished an app where IOT and gun camera handled together.

Yes, we have developed fitness and healthcare apps that let users easily control care management of individual or family, notify and connect with assign multiple user roles, check status/report and lot more.


Yes, we develop mobile and web applications for Blockchain-based platforms. Our team codes apps that allow users to manage cryptocurrencies, accept and make payments in crypto, and lot more as per custom needs.

Yes, we have developed a few cab booking apps with features more than Uber and Lyft. Some such advanced features include restricted login for company employees, check available shuttles on the user’s route with their estimated time, etc.

Sure, we love to design and develop applications for M2M communication. We have delivered apps that communicate data using BLE & Wi-Fi.

Yes, we offer an app maintenance service and help you update your existing app with new features, refresh content, compatibility to the latest mobile OS versions and also any other customizations.


Of course! We provide a complete maintenance service to enhance performance and maximize user engagement of your app. We endeavor to help your app maintain a vast user base for long through our mobile app maintenance services.


We create a developer account for you, once your app gets developed with us. The charge of Google Play is $25 (one-time registration fee) and $99/year for Apple Store.

Yes, this is part of our development services contract. We configure the server for your web services and upload the app on your behalf on Google Play Store and Apple Store.


The choice of native or hybrid app development depends on your business needs, target audience and budget. Native app is expensive compared to the hybrid app. If your business caters to a specific group of audience (majority of them are either of Android of iOS users), it’s imperative to go with the native app development for a platform initially. Moreover, if your business eyes on a vast group of target audience, then hybrid app development will be the wiser choice.


We have developed hundreds of mobile apps so far, for startups, enterprises, and renowned market players, and helped them achieve their business-specific goal successfully.


For basic app development, an ideal team constitutes as follows;
  • Project Manager
  • Front End Developers
  • Backend Developer
  • QA Professional


The app development time is directly proportional to the type of mobile app. A basic app with limited features and functionality requires less development time. Whereas the complex one with multiple features, UX challenges, cutting-edge functionality requires a lot more development hours.

Mobile app development cost depends on the concept of your mobile app. It varies on factors like development platforms, number of features, project complexity, development hours, strength of development team, etc.


Yes, we develop a robust and scalable app back-end, along with custom APIs to let you easily manage app data and processes.


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