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SerSart is a New York based company providing custom software development and IT consulting services to various types of businesses. SerSart's core focus is providing first class service to the foreign exchange market. We’ve gained a wealth of experience developing software for new platforms in emerging markets and have assembled a talented team of developers to build enjoyable, innovative and useful products for cell phones and other wireless platforms. SerSart is dedicated to establishing a long-lasting relationship with you through quality products and expert support. Our products are developed with full cooperation from both sides in order to ensure the highest level of quality for each project. We prioritize the role that you play in the development process, by offering comprehensive training for the product, and providing ongoing services and follow-up evaluations.

Our mission is guided by independent decision-making and assisting our partners in achieving their business goals. With our cutting-edge technologies, flexible and comprehensive system, we are able to deliver complete customer satisfaction on time and on budget with the highest level of efficiency and functionality. By offering custom developed software we increase each client's business productivity and decrease the costs of operation by helping them target and eliminate areas of inefficiency in their IT department.

SerSart has gained strong experience in the development of custom business applications. For five years, we have successfully completed a wide range of projects on time and within budget. We know how to organize our efforts in order to complete projects to different complexity and scope with maximum results possible!

SerSart customer support team is always available online for the convenience of our clients. We use modern communication technologies such as teleconferences, live support systems, instant messaging systems and telephone lines with multiple extensions. This enables us to communicate with European customers in real time. For customers from other regions, we adjust the work schedule of our teams to maximize the communication time with our customers.

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